Dress well

All our guests should try to look presentable and be well groomed. Please refer to our dress code rules to ensure you don’t get turned away at the entrance.

No Aggressive Cruising

We insist that everyone respects personal boundaries of all guests. If you make anyone uncomfortable, you will be asked to leave the club, and your membership may be revoked.

Don’t drink too much

We do not want to stand on your way to have fun, but we also know from the experience that one guest’s excessive drinking can ruin everyone’s evening. If you are too drunk, you will be asked to leave.

Practice safe Fun

You are the one who carries the responsibility to practice safe fun. Be aware of your body and personal hygiene. Everyone around you will appreciate it.

No single men!

Club CoCo doesn’t allow men to arrive to the club alone, no exception. If you are a woman who brought your man to the club, please don’t leave without him!

Ask before you touch

Place your hand near the area you want to touch someone, catch their eye, and simply ask “may I touch you?” and then wait for a verbal “yes”, “please do” or similar assurance. Do not assume that every guest wants to be touched.

No cameras or cellphones

There is strict rule against using cameras or cellphones during any event in any area of the club.

Report issues

If you witness infractions of any of the club’s guidelines and rules, please let us know. Minor issues can be addressed with a discreet chat, and offenders of major rules will be removed from the premises, and their membership may be revoked. The identity of a person reporting the issue will never be revealed.

Communicate before

If you are new to that kind of club, it’s important to talk to your date beforehand about your expectations and get on the same page what’s ok and not ok for both of you. It will help to ensure everyone has a great time in our club.